Where We Work 

Sahaj Challenge Fund is a part of NAMDP II and mainly issues grants to co-finance the costs involved in developing and piloting new business models and solutions in the Koshi Province. Businesses need not be based in the Koshi Province but should have innovative solutions for the Koshi Provicne. Projects will have to be implemented in the Koshi Province and should have an impact and GESI component. 

Support Modalities

The majority of the SCF support is expected to be provided through grants. Where relevant, the Fund may consider providing technical assistance. In cases where established companies want to embark on a disruptive innovation, a conditional grant (risk-sharing) or co-investment (matching grant) may be considered as well.

Due to the nature of disruptive innovation, often times done by new companies, no loan guarantees are expected to be provided, as these would imply repayment obligations soon after the disbursement (bank lending is generally considered less suitable for early-stage business initiatives).

Cost Sharing

While the nature of the SCF grants are primarily to support disruptive innovation, it is expected that partners (grantees) contribute to the projects and innovations they propose. The overall rate of cost sharing is variable, and a function of the stage of the company or partner SCF chooses to work with. In general, the more established (and cash-positive) a company is, the higher the expectation of cost sharing. 

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