Round 2

Sahaj Challenge Fund intends to contribute to increasing employment and value-add in the agricultural sectors (maize, dairy, cardamom and vegetable) of Koshi Province in Nepal. Multiple rounds of Challenge Fund have been envisaged.  Sahaj Challenge Fund Round 1 used solicit innovative ideas to address some of the most challenging problems and obstacles identified in the case of logistics services. The fund aimed to address those challenges were disruptive, ‘break-from-the-past’ type innovations are considered key to moving the needle in logistics services which can solve persistent bottlenecks in the private sector functioning in Koshi Province and thereby contribute to a higher level of commercialization and economic value-add in the selected agri-sectors. SCF envisaged addressing the above-mentioned systemic constraints by working with the private sector and encouraging market-driven solutions.

SCF Round 2 looked for Innovative Dairy Product Ideas to address the issue of product diversification in the Dairy Industry of Koshi Province. This round aimed to address the existing problems and challenges of the dairy sector by bringing ‘break-from-the-past’ type innovations in dairy products and packaging. Total of 146 business ideas was received for the Sahaj Challenge Fund Round 2. After various processes of screening, analyzing and conducting the due diligence processes, five businesses were selected to receive the fund:

Aadhunik Nepal Dairy

Aadhunik Nepal Dairy Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2021 AD in Laligurans Municipality -04, Chitre, Tehrathum District. Aadhunik currently has four full-time staff. At present, the company is collecting milk from farmers of Tehrathum and Dhankuta to produce Kanchan Cheese. The climate condition at the factory location, Chitre, is very favorable for cheese production. The company markets Kanchan Cheese in Nepal through Nepal Diary Pvt. Ltd. The company plans to add two more varieties of cheese to their list of products i.e. Gouda Cheese and Cheddar Cheese.

Goras Dairy

Goras Dairy Pvt. Ltd. is established in 2072 BS with the aim of producing high quality dairy products. The company located in Sundarharaicha 7, Morang processes approximately 5,000 Liters of milk collected from different cooperatives, collection centers, as well farmers and farms on daily basis for production of packaged milk and yogurt. Packaged milk and Dahi (Yogurt) are the major products of the company, which is supplied to Itahari, Dharan and Biratnagar. Goras has employed 30 staff in different departments of the industry. Goras plans to produce fresh lassi in cup packaging that will be available in any local dairy and retail shops. The company believes that it can produce the best quality lassi and can replace the traditional and imported lassi with the company’s product. The company shall also have a first mover advantage as being the first to commercially produce lassi across Koshi Province.

Ritika Dairy

Ritika Dairy Udyog Pvt. Ltd. is a limited liability company located in Mechinagar-12, Jhapa, Nepal. The company is restructured in Jan 31, 2019. The company has been involved in the production of processed milk and other various dairy products including yogurt, curds, paneer, churpi, etc. Established with the vision of becoming one of the largest dairy product suppliers in Nepal, the industry is currently supplying its products in Koshi Province area. Ritika Dairy plans to produce flavored milk in PET bottle. The company believes that it can produce the high quality fresh flavored milk that can compete with current imported products available in Nepal in terms of quality and price. The product shall be a one-of-a-kind product, focusing on innovation in the dairy segment of Nepal.

Suryodaya Milk and Beverage Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Suryodaya Milk and Beverage Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a limited liability company incorporated under Companies Act, 2063 and registered with the Office of Company Registrar on 22nd Magh, 2075. The company has its registered office in Biratnagar-15, Morang. It is involved in the production of dairy related products such as standard packet milk, curd in different package size, paneer, nauni, fresh cream, salted butter, ghee and skim milk powder (SMP) and focused on providing good quality product in desirable size and packages to the consumer. It has a team of 30-40 workers in the factory and is trying to create more job opportunities around the area of Biratnagar. For now, it has covered the market area of Sunsari and Morang. The company plans to produce mini packets of Dairy Whitener.

Delish Dairies Pvt. Ltd.

Delish Dairies Pvt. Ltd. is established in year 2018 with the objective of production of high-quality dairy products with locally sourced milk and natural ingredients. The company is the first and only Nepalese dairy enterprise that produces and sells Greek Yogurt under its brand – “Delish”. In addition, Delish Dairies serves its customers with an encompassing mix of local dairy products – like regular yogurt, ghee, butter and paneer among others, through its sister brand – “Panchami”. Delish plans to establish the high-quality cheese production facility in Fikkal, Ilam where the company shall source local milk and produce quality fresh mozarella.

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